Stanisław Paluch

Nick remapped my 66reg Peugeot Partner Van. difference is hard to describe! Van pulls like dream now – higher torque available on lower RPM. Also motorway is so pleasure do drive. Thank you Nick, we will definitely meet again!

Eric Hudson

Hi all, had my motorhome remapped by Nick of Cit-Tech last Friday, Nick phoned to ask if he could turn up early which was ok by me, Nick introduced himself and was very polite and professional. The remap took about 11/2 hours.
The difference this had made to my motorhome was amazing to say the lest, the engine is much smother, responsive, more powerful and less gear changes, i got approx 4 mpg more than before from 25 mpg to 29mpg, this was a run from Maidstone to Amesbury on the A303 then cross country for weekend at Cheddar Gorge without changing gear apart from Traffic Problems on M25 then A roads, on the hills it just wanted to keep pulling.
If anybody has doubts about remapping don’t its amazing and you won’t be sorry.
Well pleased and thanks to Nick Howard.

Mk3 MX5

Had my Mk3 MX5 remapped by Nick from Cittech in Maidstone. Didn’t have to visit their premiss as they come to you. Nick was great guy, arrived on time and got on the job. Definitely recommend Cittech and Quantum tuning. Had the Quantum Red remap and definite improvement in throttle response (more torque) and acceleration is smoother and pulls more in higher gears. Overall pleased with the results.


Nick – top job… Arrived on time, very friendly and explained everything fully

It took me a while to get round to getting the ST TDCI remapped, having looked into other companies previously and being put off by their prices or silly lead times. I came across Cittech via Quantum by luck really – got a quote and almost thought whats the catch?! Fast forward a week, Nick arrives and I was quickly put at ease by his knowledge (I rarely trust others working on my car as I do most things myself). Its clear he’s an enthusiast.

The mapping didn’t take very long, and I’m pleased with the results on the Blue map. It pulls a lot stronger in second now and in-gear standing acceleration from 2k revs is a lot better – perfect for overtaking on the motorways without having to work the gearbox too much. Its still too early to comment on the MPG side of things, but its definitely no worse.